Madrid, Day 2 — Grandma & Grandpa Arrive

We woke up early (felt early anyway) on Day 2 to journey back to the airport to pick up J & N. The girls were excited to see their grandparents and to introduce them to the apartment and eventually to Plaza Mayor. We made our way on foot down our street to the Atocha train station, in front of which is this lovely fountain with the ministry of agriculture in the background (adorned with statues).

Atocha Fountain
The fountain and ministry of agriculture at Atocha.

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Madrid, Day 1–The longest day, Part 1

Despite a delay in Columbus that made for a run in Atlanta, the girls and I made it on time to Madrid. We decided that the blog post should be called “the longest day” given three cities and the cruel tricks changing time zones plays.

After arriving, we walked for what seemed like a mile through a doorless hallway until we reached the customs police. I presented our paperwork and the officer asked a question very quickly. I replied, “┬┐como?” and he repeated his question no slower. I answered pointing at H, “se llama H…” He looked frustrated, shook his head and proceeded to stamp our passports, clearly suggesting that he had better things to do than engage in a Spanish lesson.

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Happy Birthday x 2

We are attending to a lot of things in preparation for our trip. Saturday we held H + E’s birthday party, occurring roughly on E’s birthday. H has rarely celebrated a birthday in her resident zip code, which likely signals how much we do during summers.

This year’s birthday celebration was a 23 hour event. In fact, it’s still going on as I write (I’m the only one awake while 9 girls, J & K also, sleep. This year’s itinerary included lunch, followed by a trip to Dow Lake and Strouds Run State Park.

Older kids swim in Dow Lake
The older kids tread water in Dow Lake.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Athens Kleins’ home on the web. The impetus for setting up this site is B+E+H’s (+J+N) upcoming (7/13) trip to Spain. Who knows what we will find, how much time we’ll have to blog about it, or how often we’ll have access to the Web, but at least those of you not going on the trip have someplace on the Web to look for us.

We’re eager to share our stories and Bob’s hope (as he is the primary author) is that the rest of the gang jumps in and does some blogging as well.